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Attorneys for Joint Injury and Dislocations in Fort Lauderdale 


A Fort Lauderdale car crash does more than damage your car and affect insurance rates. It can also affect your quality of life. The attorneys for joint injury at Cecere Santana understand that joint dislocations stemming from traffic accidents can change your life forever. They can help you file a claim and handle details while you get the care you need.

Types of Joints

The body has three main types of joints which are categorized by how much movement they allow:

  • Amphiarthroses joints allow limited movement. The vertebrae of the spine are an example of this joint.
  • Diarthroses joints move freely. Known as synovial joints, these are the most prevalent joints in the body. They have fluid that allows each part to move against another. The knees and shoulders are examples of these joints.
  • Synarthroses joints are fixed. Defined as two or more bones in close contact, they allow no movement. The plates of the skull, known sutures, are an example of synarthroses joints.

The time it takes to recover from an injury depends, in part, on the type of joint damaged and the severity.

Dislocations Common in Car Accidents

A dislocation injury occurs when the ends of the bone are forced from their natural position in the socket. The pain from these injuries can be intense. The most common joint injury locations in a car crash are:

    • Elbows
    • Knees
    • Hips
    • Shoulder
    • Fingers
    • Ankles
    • Feet

Due to the varying amount of damage that can occur, joint injuries can be complex. Complications of a dislocation injury can include:

    • Loss of mobility in the dislocation area. Immobility may be immediate and painful. The lack of movement and intense discomfort typically last until the bone is put back into place.
    • Damage to the nerves and blood vessels. When blood flow to the injured area is blocked from circulating through the muscles and tissue surrounding the joint, you may experience a permanent loss of mobility.
    • Torn ligaments muscles, tendons, and nerves that surround the joint may be torn. Although putting the bone back in place is simple, repairing the damaged soft tissue is not.
    • Heightened risk of future injury to the same location. Once a bone is forced out of place, it is prone to similar future injuries. Minor damage can cause the joints to dislocate and possibly strain the soft tissue surrounding the bone.
    • Early-onset arthritis often affects the injured joint. It can cause pain, discomfort, and damage to the joint as the condition gets worse. This is especially true for young people who must live with the condition decades earlier than they may have without the injury.

Pain Management Options for Joint Injuries

Medical treatment varies based on the severity and site of your joint injury. Your Pembroke Pines doctor may pop your joint back in place. If there is swelling or significant pain, you may be given a general or local anesthetic. If the injury is severe or the doctor can’t move the bone back into place, one or more surgical procedures may be required to ensure the injury heals properly.

It may be recommended that you wear a sling or splint for days to weeks after your  Broward car accident. The amount of time it is needed depends on the joint injured and the extent of the damage to the surrounding tissue. Once you have started healing, a rehabilitation program can help restore your strength and range of motion.

There are several steps you can take to encourage healing and ease the discomfort of your dislocation injury after receiving medical care. They include:

    • Applying heat and ice
    • Taking an over the counter pain medication
    • Maintaining your range of motion
    • Resting the joint

Cecere Santana Attorneys for Joint Injury 

Our experienced South Florida attorneys can help you face the challenges that come with an auto accident. Secondary injuries associated with a dislocation are often the cause of complications and can be challenging to prove. We help clients build a strong financial recovery case by establishing that these secondary injuries are linked to the car accident. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We can meet with you at the hospital, home, or work.

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