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Attorneys for Back Injuries in Fort Lauderdale 


Do you have back pain after a car accident in Fort Lauderdale? With the increase in vehicles on the road, auto accidents are on the rise. There were more than 150,000 injury crashes on Florida roadways in 2018. Even if the collision was minor, you could still have an injury that could get worse if not treated. Symptoms may begin manifesting weeks or months after the damage occurs.

At Cecere Santana, our attorneys for back injury have the experience and expertise you need to file a claim after a car crash and get you the settlement you deserve.

Most Common Types of Car Accidents

No matter how safe a driver you are, you cannot always account for someone else’s negligence. Accidents can happen anywhere, whether you’re on I-95 in West Palm Beach, the Palmetto in Miami , or in the parking lot of a  West Broward shopping mall. Despite the different situations, there are four common types of car crashes:

    • Low-Speed Contact Collisions – These accidents most often occur in parking lots. Vehicles are moving slowly and have multiple obstacles to avoid, such as other cars, light poles, potholes, and parking dividers, while maneuvering to a parking space or the exit.
    • Rear-End Collisions – A collision of this type typically happens in stop and go traffic and when a driver isn’t paying close attention to the road or is following too close to the car ahead of them.
    • Single Vehicle Crashes – One of the most dangerous types of crashes, a single-car accident, often happens at high speeds. They frequently occur from running off the road, hydroplaning or turning too fast, and then hitting something.
    • T-Bone Crashes – A T-bone accident typically occurs at an intersection when a driver runs a red light, misjudges the distance with oncoming traffic at a left turn, or does not use their blinkers properly.

Causes of Car Accident Back Pain

The back is made up of tissue, tendons, muscles, and ligaments that stretch from the pelvis to the neck. Since it spans a significant portion of the body, any injuries can limit mobility, cause debilitating pain, and result in chronic medical issues. Some of the most common types of car accident back injuries include:

    • Compression fractures – Frequently occurring in the middle portion of the spine, compression fractures are tiny cracks or breaks in the vertebrae. They can cause persistent pain and breathing problems.
    • Herniated discs – These are the small, spongy discs that cushion the bones in the vertebrae. They can rupture or break when under too much pressure.
    • Sprains – This type of damage affects the ligaments, which is the soft fibrous tissue that connects the joint to the bone and bones to each other in the back.
    • Thoracic or lumbar strains – Similar to strains, this type of damage affects the tendons that connect the bones to muscle in the mid- to lower back. Mobility issues and pain may be persistent after an injury of this kind.
    • Thoracic or lumbar vertebrae fractures – Bones in the lower to middle part of the back are prone to fractures. They often occur in head-on collisions

Recovering from Back Injuries

Treating back strains and sprains starts with reducing the spasms and pain. Recovery may include the use of compression, ice packs, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Bed rest and minimal movement are recommended for the first few days, but symptoms could continue for two weeks or more. Some cases may require additional medical treatment.

If your injuries include damage to the discs in your back or fractures, medical care could consist of:

    • Bioelectric blocking therapy
    • Chiropractic attention
    • Electrothermal annuloplasty or electrothermal therapy
    • Injections
    • Physical Therapy
    • Spinal therapy

Lower Back Pain Car Accident Settlement

If you sustain a severe back injury in an auto accident, you might have limited mobility and require extra care or treatments for the rest of your life. Short-term medical care can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you have a catastrophic injury with long-term or permanent consequences, it could cost millions of dollars over the next several years.

The South Florida attorneys at Cecere Santana understand what takes to recover from a severe injury and reclaim your life. Your case is unique, and they have the insight needed to get the settlement you need and the compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us for a free consultation today. We can meet with you at the hospital, home, or work.

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