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Bringing a Negligence Claim to Seek Damages

Cecere Santana, PA has helped numerous Florida residents hurt by the careless actions of others. Negligence can be thought of as a person or company not using the level of care that is appropriate in the circumstances to avoid foreseeable and needless harm. Generally, to succeed in this type of case, an accident victim must prove four essential elements. The defendant must have owed him or her a duty of care, the defendant must have breached that duty, the breach must have directly caused the accident, and quantifiable damages must have arisen as a result.

For example, a driver who causes an automobile accident often may be sued for negligence by any people who are hurt. If the defendant behaved unreasonably, such as by speeding or running a red light, he or she likely breached the duty of reasonable care. In the context of car accident cases, this usually is defined as taking at least as many precautions as the ordinary person would take in the same situation. Once duty and breach have been established, the victim would need to show that he or she would not have been hurt had the defendant met the standard of reasonable care.

Examples of situations in which negligence lawsuits may be appropriate extend far beyond car accidents. These types of claims may protect Florida residents injured in a boat accident, at the hands of negligent nursing home staff, or in nearly any other context where the defendant behaved unreasonably.

Someone who is successful in pursuing a negligence case may be eligible to receive a wide range of damages to compensate for both economic and non-economic costs and losses. These can include objective expenses, such as medical bills, lost income, and property damage, as well as more subjective forms of harm like pain and suffering.

Generally, a personal injury claim must be brought within four years of the accident from which it arose. This is required by the Florida statute of limitations, which bars the right to seek compensation when a victim waits too long to take legal action, except in some narrow circumstances. Therefore, it is important to avoid any delay in consulting a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to explore your options.

Benefit from our Knowledge of the Insurance System

Florida is in the minority of states that requires residents to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage with their automobile insurance policies. PIP coverage provides up to $10,000 in immediate medical care to a person injured in a car accident, regardless of fault. Recent changes to the law have placed restrictions on how and when this coverage is available and when insurance companies have to pay. 

If your home was damaged by a natural disaster or some man-made catastrophe, moreover, we can help you deal with the insurance company and demand that it fulfill the terms of your policy. Too often, insurers deny or underpay claims, expecting their customers to accept their offers without a fight. Our team has the experience needed to fight for the property repairs, personal property replacement costs, and even additional living expenses guaranteed in your policy. And, if the insurance company refuses to cooperate, we are prepared to litigate your property case.

Discuss Your Situation after an Accident with Skilled Pembroke Pines Lawyers

Whether you have been hurt in a car crash, workplace mishap, or any other situation arising from someone else’s negligent conduct, the Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at Cecere Santana can help. We have assisted individuals in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas of South Florida, such as Sunrise, Coral Springs, and Davie, for more than 40 years. Our firm is built around client service, and it shows. More than three out of four new clients come to us on referrals from previous clients. To set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you, you can call us at (800) 753-5529 or fill out our contact form online.

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