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Attorneys for Speeding Car Accidents in Fort Lauderdale 

speeding-car-accident-attorneysDriving faster than the posted speed limit in Broward County is against the law, but it is also dangerous. Controlling the vehicle under these conditions becomes challenging, and if a collision occurs, the additional speed can result in severe injuries and fatalities. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash with a negligent driver, the speeding car accident attorneys at Cecere Santana will fight for your rights and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Purpose of South Florida Speed Limits

The Florida Department of Transportation sets speed limits to improve safety by reducing the severity and probability of collisions. They establish a standard that allows safe drivers to respond to unexpected issues on the road safely under normal conditions. The speed limit on a section of a road depends on a variety of factors such as the type of roadway, amount of traffic, and whether the area is rural, urban, business, or residential.

The FDOT establishes these maximum speed limits on Florida state highways:

    • Interstates – 70 mph
    • Four-land divided, outside an urban area – 65 mph
    • Other state highways – 60 mph

Municipalities typically set the maximum speed for roadways within the city limits. Regardless of the posted speed limit, the basic rule is that no person should drive faster than is prudent and reasonable under the given conditions. Even if the posted speed is 65 mph, authorities could consider 65 mph speeding if driving conditions are poor.

Why Speeding is Dangerous

Speed was a contributing factor in more than 25% of all 2017 traffic fatalities. Speed directly influences the severity of a crash. The number of collisions and gravity also increases disproportionally with speed. For example, when accelerating from 40 mph to 60 mph, a 50% increase, the energy produced increases by 125%.

If the force is more than the structure of a vehicle can maintain, it decreases the survival space of the occupant. The car’s safety features, such as seat belts and airbags, can become ineffective against such high levels of force.

Driving in Fort Lauderdale requires split-second decision making. The faster a car travels, the less time the driver has to react adequately to unexpected events, such as a child running into the road, avoiding a pothole or maneuvering around a disabled vehicle.

A fast-moving vehicle takes longer to stop. A car moving at 40 mph takes 120 feet to stop once the brakes are applied. When traveling at 60 mph, it takes 240 feet to stop.

Injuries in Speeding Car Accidents

Additional variables that impact the severity and type of injuries include whether safety restraints were used, vehicle type, and location. Common Broward speeding car crash injuries include:

    • Broken Bones – The increased force of a speeding collision can result in fractured or crushed bones. Some of the most vulnerable bones include clavicle, facial and cranial bones, extremities, and ribs.
    • Spinal Cord – This column of nerves delivers messages from the brain to other parts of the body. When damaged, it can result in life-altering consequences, such as paralysis.
    • Traumatic Brain Injury – If an accident victim hits their head on the dash, steering wheel, or window as a result of a collision, the severity of the injury could range from a minor concussion to long-term memory loss, breathing issues, and coma.
    • Whiplash – This injury typically occurs when a car is hit from behind. The impact causes the head to snap backward then forward quickly, straining the neck. Minor whiplash is painful but can resolve itself in a few days. Severe cases may result in damage to the spinal discs.

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