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Attorneys for Driver Fatigue Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale

fatigued-driverDriving when tired in Florida reduces attentiveness, impairs reaction time, and causes issues when processing information. Measuring driver fatigue motor vehicle accidents in the Fort Lauderdale area is challenging, unlike alcohol-impaired crashes, there are currently no tests available to determine levels of fatigue.   The team at Cecere Santana obtains evidence and uses proven techniques and evidence to establish whether fatigue contributed to your auto accident.

What Causes Fatigue While Driving?

Road trips, commuting for work, and running errands are all activities that thousands of South Florida residents take part in every day. The fact is, a significant percentage of people get less than the recommended minimum hours of sleep and find themselves tired at some point during the day, even when behind the wheel. However, a lack of sleep may not be the only cause of fatigue. It may be due to:

    • Strenuous work or non-work activities
    • Long work hours
    • Poor sleep quality
    • Monotonous tasks
    • Long periods of inactivity
    • Medications
    • Health issues/Sleep disorders

Studies indicate that driving after being awake for more than 20 hours is equivalent to driving while intoxicated. Nearly 330,000 car crashes occur each year due to drowsy driving, with more than 6,000 involving fatalities. Individuals who drive when their sleepiness is most pronounced are more likely to have driver fatigue-induced auto accidents. Although any driver can experience fatigue, there are several specific at-risk groups:

    • Shift workers who work the night shift
    • Long-haul drivers
    • Employees who work 60 hours or more each week
    • Business travelers who drive long distances or who are jet lagged
    • Young people under 26 years of age

Characteristics of Florida Drowsy Driving Accidents

Accidents caused by driver fatigue in Plantation can happen in virtually any circumstances. However, some of the most common attributes of a drowsy driving accident include:

    • The accident occurs during the mid-afternoon, late-night, or early morning (midnight to 6 am)
    • The crash involves a single vehicle
    • The driver is the only occupant
    • There’s no indication the driver tried to avoid the crash
    • The accident has catastrophic consequences

Some signs of driver fatigue are subtle, and the driver may not recognize them. They include:

    • Experiencing tunnel vision (losing the sense of periphery activities)
    • Drifting from the driving lane
    • Forgetting the last few miles driven
    • Experiencing brief, three to four-second sleep episodes
    • Making poor decisions
    • Reaction to changing road conditions slowly
    • Nodding off
    • Yawning

Although caffeine can give drivers a boost for a short time, it can make the fatigue worse when it wears off. Individuals can take other steps that may help them prevent drowsy driving.

    • Take shifts driving with another passenger on long trips
    • Avoid driving alone
    • Pullover and take a short nap
    • Get a full night’s sleep (seven to eight hours)
    • Don’t drive late at night
    • Arrange for a ride home after a long or late-night shift

Establishing Driver Fatigue Caused a Crash

Witnesses and an examination of the other driver’s lifestyle and work schedule can provide valuable information for your Plantation, Florida car crash. Technology within the car and traffic cameras can show whether brakes were applied or if the driver when off the road for no apparent reason. All drivers owe a duty of care to others on the road. Those who do not and drive drowsy can be held accountable for the resulting damage. Regardless of whether a driver admits to being tired, liability can still be concluded.

A driver fatigue car accident lawyer at Cecere Santana partners with reconstruction experts and investigators to discover the cause. We work to demonstrate that driver fatigue caused an accident. If you or a family member sustained an injury due to a drowsy driver, you might have grounds for a claim. A settlement can recover for damages including pain and suffering, loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life, inconvenience, medical bills, lost wages, loss of support, and other damages. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We can meet with you at the hospital, home, or work.

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