PIP Litigation

The Florida Statute regarding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits has recently gone through significant changes. Those legislative changes directly impact the patient’s rights and the medical provider’s ability to receive compensation for reasonable bills to treat these patients.

At Cecere Santana we have been actively involved in handling PIP litigation cases. We collect payment for those doctors who entrust us with the responsibility of aggressively pursuing their entitlement to be reasonably compensated for providing treatment to people injured in automobile accidents.

Now that the recent legislative changes have taken effect, our firm has prepared itself for the challenges ahead and we look forward to continuing to collect payment on behalf of those medical providers who give us the opportunity to do so.

The attorneys at this office all have the unique perspective of having previously represented some of the country’s largest insurance companies and therefore have first-hand knowledge of their inner workings. We regularly use this knowledge to the advantage of our clients.

The next time your office submits a bill to a PIP carrier and are, either not paid or not paid correctly, for any reason, whether it’s an IME cut-off, peer review, improper Medicare Fee Schedule reduction or “Emergency Medical Condition” cut-off, please give us the opportunity to pursue your compensation. You will not be responsible for any attorney’s fees or costs if there is no recovery.

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