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Good Samaritans Help Find Hit and Run Suspects in Broward

Source: Robert Duyos / Sun Sentinel

This past month in Broward County, there have been three cases in which good Samaritans have helped police find hit and run suspects.  David Chirla, a 17-year-old junior at Nova High, witnessed a crash in Davie, and immediately decided to make a U-turn to follow the hit and run driver. The chase ended at the suspect’s home, where Chirla parked his car behind the suspect’s to block him in until police arrived. The crash’s victim suffered minor injuries to her face and arm, and was taken to Memorial Hospital Pembroke. In another case, Carmen Gonzalez was watching when a driver struck a bicyclist near Fort Lauderdale. She followed the driver long enough to snap a photo of the vehicle, including the tag, with her cellphone. This information led detectives to Karen Goettert, who admitted to having struck the bicyclist. The crash victim is currently treating his injuries with a chiropractor. When Thomas Hanley witnessed a hit and run in Pompano Beach, which killed motorcyclist Benjamin Pirofsky, he chased after the intoxicated driver, urging her to return to the scene. When she refused, he led deputies to her home. Though police advise people to never put themselves in harm’s way, they acknowledge that they rely on the public’s help to solve cases.

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