Truck Accident Information

A commercial truck accident is usually much more catastrophic than a car accident due to the large weight disparity. Most big truck accidents result in serious and fatal injuries. In addition, truck accidents can be made worse by the freight the truck is carrying, especially if hazardous or flammable materials are being hauled. Due to the hazardous material, secondary injuries from dangerous cargo may result. One of the most important pieces of evidence in a truck accident is the black box data. The black box, also known as electronic control module or electronic data recorder, tracks important information such as hours on the road, speed, seat belt use, tire pressure, sudden braking, and other factors. If the black box data shows a truck driver was acting recklessly or violating the law, this information could be used as evidence to support an injury claim. In addition, truc...

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Motorcycle helmet on the road after crash   A slip and fall accident can happen to anyone at any time. If you are involved in this type of accident, it could result in serious injury, leading to extensive medical bills and lost wages while you recover. When this happens, you are entitled to compensation, and hiring an experienced slip and fall accident attorney is the best way to win your case. However, your case could suffer if you fail to perform certain steps after the incident. Here are five steps you should take to strengthen your case after having a slip and fall accident. If a person is injured ...

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Motorcycle helmet on the road after crash

5 Main Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle helmet on the road after crash   Motorcycle accidents account for a significant number of car crashes that occur daily across America. Because motorcycles protect the riderless than a car protects its driver, the chances of being seriously injured or even killed if you are involved in a motorcycle accident are drastically increased. However, knowing what factors increase the risk of being involved in an accident can help you operate a motorcycle properly and reduce the chance of getting hurt. Here are the five most common causes of motorcycle crashes.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is the practice of straddling two lanes of slow or stopped traffic to get thr...

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What To Do In Case Of An Automobile Accident

If a person is injured in an automobile accident in Florida and suffers permanent personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence, the injured person is entitled to monetary compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish and inconvenience, along with payment for out of pocket medical bills and lost wages. In order to help ensure that your right to collect against a negligent person is protected, there are several important steps that a person should take after an automobile accident occurs. First and most importantly, it is essential that police authorities are contacted and called to the scene. After an automobile collision, you may be approached by the at-fault party who asks you not to call the police and that he or she will “take care of everything.” Never trust this appro...

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7 Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida

7-tips-for-hiring-a-personal-injury-lawyer-in-florida                 Personal injury law has a vast number of statutes and rules that apply to this specific practice area. Attorneys who handle personal injury, as well as other legal issues such as bankruptcy, divorce, and real estate, may not have the expertise or deep understanding of the laws and the technicalities. A personal injury lawyer focuses their time and effort on representing clients injured as a result of carelessness or negligence of ...

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